Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is found in western Uganda in the Districts of Kasese, Bushenyi and Rukungiri. It’s the second largest National Park in Uganda covers an area of about 1978sqkm and it’s about 460kms (6-7) hour’s drive from Kampala on a surfaced road via Mbarara.The other alternative rout is through Mubende via Fort portal to Kasese .Queen Elizabeth is one of the most popular visited National Parks in Uganda .
The Park is said to be a habitat for over 95 mammal species with about 612 species of birds. The grass occupy wild animals such as cape buffalo, water buck, lion Uganda kob ,leopard, hyena ,giant forest hog elephants among others. There is a number of bird list when compared exceeds that of the neighboring Virunga National Park. Among which include African skimmer, pick-backed pelicans, and papyrus canary, martial eagle and the great flamingos and many more. Its is also a home to various species of primates include Chimps, Black and white Colombus Monkeys, Blue, Black Faced Red Colombus, and Red Tailed monkeys and Olive Baboons.

Kazinga channel. It connects Lake George to Lake Edward. Launch trips are organized from here and thousands of hippos, crocodile and the pelicans can be seen. The shore of the lake attracts a large concentration of mammals, birds as well as reptiles all year around.
Maramagambo Forest.
When at maramagambo, visitors are able to see baboons and several monkey species. The forest is also living with numerous birds which include the rare Forest Flycatcher, White-napped Pigeon and the striking Rwenzori Turaco. One can also visit the large trees that have been turned white by the birds that rest here at night.
Ishasha sector.It is located at the Southern sector of the Park and it’s famously known for the tree climbing lions. Visitors who take a trip here have a chance to watch them lounging in the branches other species can also be seen such as herds of Uganda kob, buffalo and elephants among others.

Kyambura Wildlife Reserve.
It’s located to the East of Kyambura Gorge. It provides excellent opportunities to observe many water birds including greater and lesser flamingoes which are found on lake shores and the great egret.
Kyambura Gorge. This place provide an over view of various species of primates more especially chimpanzee. And guided walks to search them start at Kyambura’s Fig Tree camp at 8.00and 14.00.
This is the most famous watch out points in Uganda. It is in the Katwe-Kabatoro community on Katwe Salt Lake where traditional salt mining has been practiced since the 16th century. So visitors are in position to take a look on this famous attractive lake found in Uganda.

Game drive .Places like the Kasenyi Area of the Park,North Kazinga Plains and the Ishasha Sector offers visitors a chance to watch antelope buffalo, and elephant, warthogs and baboons, tree climbing lions at Ishasha sector. Together with the help of an experienced guide who help visitors  to spot them out.
Chimp Tracking. The Kyambura Gorge is the best place for discovering chimpanzee plus other primates in their natural environment. Visitors can also be taught the chimps and monkey ecology, bird identification and there behaviors. Although chimp sightings are not guaranteed. Tracking last between 2-3 hours and it commence at 8.00am and 2pm daily.
 Launch cruise. The Kazinga Channel gives visitors the chance to cruise just meters from hundreds of huge hippos and buffalos, while elephants remain on the shoreline. An average of 60 bird species can be seen during the launch cruise. The lunch cruise takes 1-2 hours.

Bird watching .Visitors has a chance to watch over 600 bird species. A majority of the birds found in Queen Elizabeth National Park are regarded as famous birds of East Africa. Among which include African skimmer, pick-backed pelicans, and papyrus canary, martial eagle and the great flamingos and many more. Together with a ranger guide, birds can be watched during the nature walk in mamaragambo forest.
Guided nature walk and cultural encounters with the local people. The local people in the community lead by the kikorongo’s  African Art craft workshop teach guests how to weave baskets and bowls using natural fibers .They also demonstrate how to reprocess magazines into colorful paper beads while visitors enjoying.
Accommodation. The Park has comfort accommodation that favors all visitors among which include;
Mweya safari Lodge, it provides the best accommodation facilities located at the Mweya peninsular with in the park and overlooking the kazinga channel and its luxury lodge.
Jacana safari Lodge. A luxury comfort beautiful lodge located on the out shirts of the park between the rolling hills. $ (160)
Katara Lodge. Is also a luxurious lodge located at Queen Elizabeth Mweya region just out side the park.
Simba Safari Lodge. This is a budget lodge. It has good accommodation facilities with self contained rooms good for tourists.
Ishasha Wilderness Comp. located on the southern sector of the park it has large twin bedded tents situated in the wood area facing the Ntungwe River.
Kyambura game Lodge
Ihamba Safari Lodge .This lodge has activities such as game drives, bird watching as well as swimming at your own time of leisure among others.
King fisher lodge. This is a moderate comfort lodge located at Kicwamba so it provides basic accommodation for visitors.
Getting there
Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in the southwest of Uganda in a district called Kasese and this is about 376 kilometers from Kampala,the capital city of Uganda.One can opt to go there by road probably may want a self drive experience. This can be a great chance for a tourist to enjoy a wonderful adventure while travelling to the park.