Mount Elgon National Park

Mountain Elgon is a massive solitary volcanic Mountain on the border of Eastern Uganda and Kenya. And it’s the fourth highest Mountain in East Africa, the Park is locally known as Masaba found in the Eastern part of Uganda an estimated 430kms (4-5) hour’s drive from Kampala through Jinja to Mbale. It is a dead volcano reaching 4321m high, the park has wonderful waterfalls, caves, gorges, and hot springs and it covers over 1,146 sq km.
A number of species of mammal are found with in the park and these include elephants, buffalo, wild cut bush duiker, hyena and many more can be found on lower slope. The park also has a variety of small antelopes and forest monkeys including the black and white Columbus, the blue monkey and over 300 birds can also be found in the area including the endangered Lammergeier, African Goshawk among other species of bird. The broze-naped pigeon, Hartlaub’s turaco and tacazze sunbird
Attractions at the park
The park has the hot springs and Mountain peaks; it also has cliffs waterfalls, caldera all these make it an attractive place to visit in Uganda.

Activities carried out within the park.
One of the activities is Vehicle tour leading to animal viewing in the area animals like leopard, elephant, buffaloes; water bucks among others can be seen.
Self-guided walk. Between 3 to 11kilometers offer excellent opportunities to explore the flora and Fauna of Mount Elgon in a short period. And ranger guides can also help to spot caves. Various species of primates such as chimpanzee, monkeys, black and white Colombus plus baboons can also be seen.
Mountain climbing. Tourists are in position to enjoy the climbing up to the peak. The best time to climb the mountain is from December to March, but the seasons are unpredictable and it can rain at any time. The most well-known route to climb Mount Elgon is the Sasa trail, at Budadili on the western slopes
Cave explorations. Visitors also take root to see various caves in the area under the guise of the guides
Camping photography is also another activity carried out in the area invoice
Getting there
Mount Elgon National Park is found on the Uganda-Kenya border in the far east of Uganda.This means tourists can travel there by either road or air.Actually,one can opt for a Uganda self drive to this park and will have a wonderful travel full of nature wonders.
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