Akagera National Park – Rwanda Safaris

The Akagera National Park is the second largest protected area located in Eastern Rwanda near the boarder of Tanzania. It covers an area of about 1,200km². The park was founded in 1934 to protect animals and vegetation in three eco regions that’s mountain, Savannah and Swamps. It can be accessed from Kigali in about 2 hours drive. Whereas from Kibungo / Rwamagana it takes approximately 1 hour. The park is named for the Kagera River which flows along its eastern boundary feeding into several Lakes the largest of which is Lake Ihema. The park has a variety of wildlife including giraffe, elephants, leopard, zebra, antelopes, hyena, bush buck, olive baboon hipps and crocodile can also be spotted in Akagera’s largest lake. The park also has over 500 different species of birds. So all these can be watched in case one takes a visit to this breathtaking park. This park can attract people from all over the world who are interested in some of the following activities like;

Game viewing:
The park offers game drive to visitors who make it to the park. It’s one of the national parks in East Africa with a wide variety of wildlife that concentrate inside the park. The park is a home of Large heads of buffaloes, giraffe, zebra that can be seen moving a cross the savannah, elephants can also be seen in the woodland areas of the park. It’s  also a home to more than a dozen types of antelopes majorly the impalas, the topi the rare roan and the world’s largest antelope, oribi and the bush baby, hyena and leopard can also be spotted, hippos and crocodiles are also seen drinking at the Lake. It is one of the parks in East Africa which permits the night game drive to catch up with a wide variety of animals.

Boat trip on Lake Ihema.
This is one of the most exciting activities carried out at the park. It offers visitors a chance of watching a wide variety of giant hippos and large crocodiles. And also bird lovers do have a chance of watching very many birds that feed on and around the lake these include the water birds, the fish eagle, malachite kingfisher, and blue headed coucal. Indeed boat trip on Lake Ihema can not leave visitors the same.

The park is a home to over 500 species of birds; these include 44 species of raptor, Balaeniceps rex and many Palearctic migrants. So bird lovers are give the opportunity to watch almost all these species of birds that are found in the park like the Ring-necked Francolin, Shoebill, Black-shouldered Nightjar, Papyrus Gonolek, Red-Chested Sunbird.

Is also another activity that is carried out while at the park. On lake Ihema visitors are encouraged to carry their fishing equipments in case their interested in fishing. Different types of fish can be caught such as tilapia among other. This is regarded as an interesting activity like most by tourist while at the park.

Camping is also allowed and visitors who are interested in camping are provided with camping equipments.

Guided walking trails:
The park also offers visitors a chance to do a guided walk around the park, with in the course different species of primates and birds can be seen such as the Red-Chested Sunbird among other.

There various accommodations that provides basic accommodation to the visitors.
Akagera Game Lodge. This is the most known lodge found at Akagera National park; it’s a luxury lodge with fantastic views over Lake Ihema, with a large swimming pool on the edge of the lodge. It has 58 en-suite Studios & 2 Executive Suites.
Ruzizi tented Lodge .This one is located with in the park itself. It has just 7 tents, and it’s located in the good position to explore the game of Akagera