About us

Africa Adventure Safaris’ major objective is to offer quality services to travelers from all over the world seeking to track the endangered the mountain gorillas from their natural habitats. So in all what we do, we aim at creating magical journeys to the gorillas that meet our client’s expectation. Our team gives you memorable safari which are safe and enjoyable not easy to forget, it will leave you saying one thing again and again. Our gorilla safari packages are planned to offer something a bit different and target travelers who are looking for an affordable expeditions at a great value.

Why Travel With Us?

Our safaris are organized based on our client’s interest and choice in order to meet their expectations. That’s why travelers around the world use our services.

Our Safari:
We concentrate in organizing gorilla safaris and chimpanzee tracking tour with the aim of Eco tourism and protection of the environment and culture. Not only that but we also cater for special interest exploration such as game viewing for a chance to watch tree- climbing lions, huge elephants, buffaloes, hippo and crocodiles to mention but a few . Also you can do watch various species of birds some of which are rare in other African countries, mountaineering and other opportunity to visit other National Parks with a wide variety of attractions to boost your holiday. So we invite you to join us on the journey of discovery and exploration through Uganda and Rwanda. Because our packages allow you to explore these Parks than never before.

We are fully registered with several years of experience in the field of tour and we are based in Uganda and we organize safaris based on our personal knowledge and they range from Uganda to Rwanda the country’s top tourist safari destinations in Africa.

What We Offer;

  • Gorilla tracking
  • Chimpanzee tracking
  • Wildlife safaris
  • Primate tour
  • Adventure tours
  • Cultural tours
  • Forest and nature walks

And many more.

Our expeditions are guided by well experienced and trained guides who are well knowledgeable about Uganda and Rwanda destinations. They have good communication skills and their fluent in English language speaking. They know how to handle emergency situations while with the clients. They are well knowledgeable about the flora and fauna in both countries and they give necessary information on all species that come a cross while on safari.

We have good touring vehicles for all our safaris and we use 4×4 wheel drive vehicle.
We have modified tour itineraries designed based on our knowledge and experience.

So we are more than ready to provide more than what even you can expect. This has put our company on top amidst other many companies that operate in the country. Together with the good experienced staffs that are well knowledgeable about tourism management, tour and travel operation and customer service so they organize safe safaris which work together to ensure that our clients get satisfied in all aspects.

Their motivated with good communication skills and they have taken initiative to explore all national parks in both countries so they have experience in the field they operate.
Don’t wait; we are more than ready to serve you. Welcome to the pearl of Africa.