A safari to remember in Queen Elizabeth national park

When you look on the world map Uganda is one of the smallest countries but very big when it comes to tourist attraction. It is gifted with over 10 national parks and many game reserves, one of the most known and visited Uganda national parks is Queen Elizabeth N.P, and it was named after a visit of Queen Elizabeth of England to the park since then it become to be known as Queen Elizabeth national park. It is located in the south western part of Uganda a drive of just about 6-7 hours drive from Kampala Uganda’s capital and largest city up to the park. Many travelers whole over the world leave their beautiful homes and offices to come to Uganda to spend at least 1 -3days at the Queen Elizabeth N.park depending on the itinerary. The park is known for the wide biodiversity of wildlife ranging from the big five to small mammals over 120 mammal species are recorded including elephant, lion, zebra, leopard, buffaloes small mammals include various species of antelope, water buck, warthogs the list is endless. The park is also ranked among the highest concentration of bird species 2nd highest in Africa over 607 bird species. At the park you will meet very many wonders, Queen Elizabeth national park is the only park where you can spot the rare tree climbing lions sited on tree branches, you can easily spot them just meters in a tourist vehicle when you take a game drive in the Ishasha sector of the park or when you want to link to bwindi impenetrable forest a home for gorilla tracking passing this side of the park, this is really very exciting. Game drive are superb at the park as these are arranged either in the morning when animals are getting out from their hideouts or in the evening when animals are rushing to their hideouts. You are advised to carry a camera for better viewing, a hut to protect you from the boiling sun of Africa and in terms of dressing you can dress in a way you feel comfortable. after the game drive you can take a boat ride to the Kazinga Channel that connects lakes George and Edward here more chances of seeing animals is very high, expect to see schools of hippos, crocodile, bird species that live and feed on the lake, elephants among others indeed this is a safari to remember.
How do you see mixing the love of mammal species, birds with that of primate species? Queen Elizabeth national park is a home to various species of primates among which are the chimpanzees the closest relative of man; chimps are fabulous fun to watch when playing in the tree branches and fruitful trees. Early in the morning after a short briefing about the dos and don’ts while with chimps fallow the ranger guide to the forest to begin the activity one of the most fascinating activities at the park, head to Maramagambo forest or at the Kyambura Gorge good viewing spot for tracking chimps. Meeting the chimps is unpredictable it can go to up 3-6 hours so a reasonable degree of fitness is needed as well as sturdy pairs of walking shoes, and ounce chimps are met you strictly allowed staying with them for only one hour watching them while doing their daily activities such as playing, feeding, making nest, among other activities, you can take as many photos as possible (a flash camera is prohibited). Chimp tracking at the park costs a fee of just 50USD per day per tracking and only eight members are allowed to track in each group and it’s advisable to pay in advance in order to book your permit in time as they are served on first come first served basis. In the process of tracking chimps other primate species will be met like the black and white colobus monkey, civet monkey, blue tailed mangbay, baboons, just to mention but a few. A lot is offered at the park so just book with us you will never regret.


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